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< img src="" >< img width= "600" height= "360" src=" "alt =""/ >< img src=" "/ > Vietnamese horror film’ Kumanthong'( Thất Sơn Tâm Linh )opened at the top of the local ticket office in October last year.

It is based upon the true story of an evil shaman who took the souls of innocent people in a little village.Synopsis: Soi is a deaf– mute girl living in a village deep in the heart of the Mekong Delta, up until one day a complete stranger shows up on a boat down river. The complete stranger, Luu Huynh, who claims to be a shaman and healer, quickly wins the attention and admiration of the town after miraculously healing among the residents. Soi instantly catches Huynhs eyes, and she ends up being enchanted by him, unlike anything she has ever experienced. This bond quickly blossoms into a love and they soon married. Nevertheless, the lovely imagine Soi soon ends up being a problem when she ultimately finds her new husband’s dark past and his plan for immortality that involves human sacrifice and the conjuring of the dead.Directed by Lê

Binh Giang, who won Most Promising Director at the New York Asian Film Celebration in 2017 for his previous movie’ KFC ‘,’ Kumanthong ‘has actually been sold to different Southeast Asian markets. It has simply opened in Singapore and is arranged for release in Taiwan next month.< img src =",%20" alt="" width=" 600" height=" 879"/ > Recent Posts< img width=" 64" height=" 64" src=""/ > Newest posts by Isaac Chambers( see all) Dinh Y NhungHoang Yen ChibiKumanthongLam Thanh MyLê Binh GiangQuang TuantrailerVietnam Source Luangpu Tim – Wat LaHanRai

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