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Video: The Underground World of Colombia’s Kid Sex Trafficking Trade

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Excellent evening and welcome to this scandal sheet of “Nightline.” Tonight, we’re going to take you inside a damaging goal to rescue young girls caught up in the sex trade. This huge undercover sting is not being carried out by polices, however rather by a group of Americans that includes a former cia representative, a Hollywood star and a door to door salesperson. They believe their contemporary abolitionists, and tonight, you’re visiting their dedication checked in the crucible of a violent Latin American city. And ABC’s David Wright was there for all of it.? Press press reporter: These Americans look like tourists navigating a trip romp. The clear blue water and those white sand beaches just part of the tourist attraction. The appeal of the surroundings here in Cartagena Colombia draws in numerous travelers. The beauty of the females draws in much of people ready to pay. Particularly those games. If you’re messing with the women– they’ll keep you up. I had this chick with me for 2 days. Reporter: These people are obviously here for a surprise bachelor party. Tim Ballard, the very best guy. In charge of the money. Marcus is a regional promote who has actually been backing that he can organize anything. What do we got? We got some brand-new chickens? Yeah, what it is, I got 6 chickens. Reporter: Certainly they’re not talking poultry. They’re after girls for the huge celebration and the younger, the better. Nevertheless they need to speak in code considering that what they’re aiming to do, work with underage woman of the streets, is illegal here. Marcus notifies them to be cautious. It’s illegal. You can go to prison for that. Press reporter: That’s not to state he hesitates to supply, if the rate is right. Okay, of the ladies that we presently have that make sure, the number of them are in truth minors? We have– Seriously minors, I have actually got– Yeah. Nine. What ages? I have in fact got in between 15– I got– I got one 13, in between 13 and 16 years of ages, I got. I have actually got one that’s 13 right now. This is a Colombian operation, I wish to make that very clear. Reporter: In fact, Tim Ballard doesn’t want to purchase these females for sex. He wants to rescue them. What’s your cover story? We’re down here doing a huge celebration, a bachelor’s event from the United States. Abundant people. My buddy, I’m the best male in the wedding event. And my pal’s boiling down and we’re going to shock him with what we know he enjoys, which’s kid sex. Press reporter: Ballard is a previous cia representative and previous investigator for homeland security, concentrating on human trafficking cases. I visualize your work to be the Liam Neeson character in “Taken.” Yeah. I spent 12 years as a special representative for the United States government doing this. The problem is, the vast bulk of the kids, we could not save. They weren’t U.S. Cases, they weren’t involved with the joined States. Press reporter: So, you formed your own company? I established operation underground railway. Press press reporter: He believes he’s conserving children from slavery. I’m a huge Lincoln fan. We have everything prepared. Press reporter: Operation underground train invested months arranging a massive sting operation in cooperation with Colombian authorities who are so overwhelmed with cases, they enjoy to have help. The Americans are a believable group, due to the reality that most of the pedophiles are sex travelers, according to this undercover private detective. He specifies that lots of are people with households and exceptional jobs who come here for something unique. It’s 24 hr prior to the event. The group understands that tomorrow, anything can take place. Blow here, alright? And after that you’re pivoting. Press reporter: So, they are discussing fundamental hand to hand fight moves. Boom, boom, boom. We’re not down here on journey. We’re down here to save kids, alright? This can be an unsafe scenario. I can choose you up and throw your on your held. Reporter: S.e.a.l. Group six this is not. A group of new employees are here for the sting operation. All of them volunteers. Some of them asked us not to expose their faces. Nevertheless great deals of, just regular civilians. Krista and drew are cross fit fitness instructors from Utah. Back house, Tim runs at their gym. Christian is a physical fitness trainer and a door to door salesperson. We have the cross fit fitness instructors, we have the business realty man. The actor. Press reporter: That actress is attorney rh Laurie holden. Have you ever done something like this prior to? I hung out in Cambodia helping to get ladies out of the whorehouses. I was trained by a Navy S.E.A.L. When I did “The walking dead.” I can protect myself. Press reporter: That’s right. “The strolling dead.” Which is simpler. This or eliminating zombies? We’ll see. We’ll see tomorrow. Reporter: The group has actually led sting operations before in other nations. We have actually stayed in the united States, we have actually been in Haiti, nick raragua Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador. Press press reporter: What about this group? Are they legit? They’re genuine and exceptionally expert group. Press press reporter: The attache for homeland security examinations notifies us this operation is not formally approved by the U.S. Federal federal government. But the U.S. Understands it. I can think of a great deal of the audiences specifying, geez, what a worthy thing. Still being sort of hesitant. Given that something that does not sit right, like, it feels like this must be the work of governments. It certainly needs to be. If the federal governments were doing it, we would not be attempting this. Nobody’s doing anything. And nobody will do anything. We got them. Press press reporter: That’s why they take a trip the world, gathering evidence to turn over to regional authorities. A group of film makers have actually been following them, documenting their missions on surprise cams for a brand-new movie, “The aboliti abolitioni abolitionists.” Center stage for the Cartagena raid is this multimillion dollar mansion the group rented, nestled in the historic town center. Filmmaker Chad Thomas and his group wire the place for noise and video in order for the Colombian officials to prosecute the traffickers, they require to record them red handed on tape. Just how much cash are we talking about? $200, $300 for the night for a kid. Reporter: For weeks now, Tim and his group have in fact been putting the word out to collect women for the celebration. Thursday early morning, the day of the event, at the mansion, they are getting everything set. Almost showtime, huh? Yeah. Press reporter: Nervous? A bit, you understand, but that’s great. I think it’s going to be weird when we really see the women. It’s going to set in, like, this is who has actually been sex trafficked. Press press reporter: Krista makes a sign to hang outdoors with balloons, like it’s a teen’s birthday celebration. That’s so that the traffickers won’t appear out of location bringing a lot of girls into your house. A few of the males splash beer on their faces and clothing. I desire them to smell a lot of beer on men. Reporter: Actress Laurie’s project is to keep the women inhabited in the pool area while Tim catches the traffickers on tape. A job that might take an hour. Try to keep the event going into a light, cheerful spirit, which will, guys, be the greatest performing obstacle of all time. Our hearts are going to break the second they walk in. Press press reporter: Here, our appeal may blow the group’s cover. She’s going to utilize a brown wig, wanting to go incognito. It will work. Press reporter: I would not acknowledge you. Excellent. Ideally they won’t, either. Press reporter: Numerous various possible traffickers will bringing ladies to the event and their arrivals require to be completely coordinated. On the group, there are undercover operatives on the cti, Colombia’s variation of the FBI. Stress running high. However there’s a concern. Amongst the alleged traffickers is stuck in traffic. 5 minutes behind schedule. A few of the women are stuck in traffic, so, things are getting a bit tense here. Everything needs to go off like clockwork or it may not happen. 5 minutes! Press press reporter: They need to get the potential traffickers here and the ladies in a safe area and every second counts.This records has been quickly developed and might not be 100 %precise. Luangpu Tim -Wat LaHanRai

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