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>< img src= "" width =" 230" height=" 360 "align =" bottom" alt= "kunpiangFoofront.jpg"/ > < img src=" "width="230" height ="360"align="bottom "alt ="kunpiangFoofront.jpg"/ > Khun Paen Khun Paen was my 2nd votive tablet after the Nang Phaya. Likewise, it was likewise used to me by my long period of time Thai good friend (in reality, it was his- where it was 15 years back, I had some “diplomatic” organisation concerns and when he was familiar with about it and eliminate from his wearing to ask me to start using it, oddly, that problem was fixed silently). Ever since, I began utilizing it daily as one of the 3 buddy amulets.

hongkunpaenfrontMdm.jpg hongkunpaenRearMdm.jpg

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The variation I have is a little odd from”ageless”shapes of conventional Khun Paen image. Bigger View (s): Front section(83k).; Rear area(71k). Copyright-free image collection. leofoo ® 2004< img src =" "width =" 83" height =" 166" line up= "bottom" alt=" kunpiangAlvinArearsml.JPG "/ > Large view( 93k) Medium (26k) Huge view (65k) Medium( 25k) Large view( 84k )Medium (21k) Huge view( 108k) Medium( 38kk) Big view( 93k) Medium (35k )Huge view (93k) Medium( 35k) Big( 93k )Medium( 35k) Credit: My partners, Mr. Paul Lim and Mr. Legent Lim, Chee Wai, Alvin Foo, HuGo & Eewyn Foo for kindly providing me their particular collections for me to take a number of breeze shots of their images. The Far left image of the amulet is my private collection. The photos

listed below are another variations contributed by Mr. Ho Fook Sang from Ipoh, Perak. Anyhow, if anybody of you have any of the differing variations from these shown here, you can send out in yours to improve the material of this site. Please remember that this men-favourite image can likewise be considered among the most copied tablets on the marketplace and various reproductions have emerged. I do not have the sufficient comprehending to command and separate the creativity of these either nevertheless it is advisable to explain a number of skilled Guru-collectors who can help you to confirm them before dedicating any heavy financial investment. A few of the images of Khun Paen showcased listed below featured different origin and with different prices. The image offered by Col. Samay is a fine example, it is among the initial version that has liquar-coated finishing. The center two well preserved images, although appearance truly normal however they have really been confirmed as old preliminary images. The 3rd from the left looked like the one that I am utilizing however it is the second variation. The one by LP Tim from” Wat Rat Hanrai, Changwat Ratyong”, Chun Buri haskhunpaengCheeWaisml.jpg kunpiangAlvinAfrontsml.JPG kunpiangAlvinArearsml.JPG eewynKhunpaenFrntSML.jpg eewynKhunpaenRearSml.jpg < img src =""width =" 87 "height= "166"align="bottom"alt =” khunpaengCheeWaisml.jpg “/ > a Takrut behind, it includes three versions in white, gold and black colour, the golden surface version was said to be the midrange (price-related) while the black variation is the most costly. Third from the right is an older variation of the Khun Paen Ren Keow,” Wat Prarut “, Supanburi, the one at the far finest is also from the exact same source however it is not as old. The amulet at the center is called as”Khun Paen Ren Keow Phra Bhudhacharn(Toh)Promrangsi”, sealed in” Krut Little Khow”, Changwat Sukhorthai, it was another uncommon piece- as estimate by some Thai expert collectors ‘magazines, some amulet Master thought the widely known Toh at Wat Rakang, Bangkok did produced some incredibly restricted variety of Khun Paen images and this re-surfaced image is an incredibly hard to source item- do not ask me just how much does it cost … because it is probably implied for collectors.< img src= "" width =" 354" height =" 274" line up =" bottom" alt=" buddhaimage.jpg( 163k Jpeg Larger view )... "/ >

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