Warning about fake LP Tim Amulets

Please be warned that almost 99% of titled “LP Tim amulets” found on eBay or various Amulets E-stores are NOT GENUINE.
Please do not buy them at exorbitant prices. It is ok to buy them if you treat it just like a collection of Buddha image for your personal appreciation.
The materials used in those amulets are not genuine, and not made by our late master LP TIM.

Many followers of LP Tim has brought to us many of these amulets for verification, and none of them is genuine.

Please do not risk and purchase them from eBay, unless you are sure of its authenticity.

Many of LP Tim amulets sold on the Internet are replicas, and some of the images on the “Lp Tim” amulets sold on eBay were never produced by
our late master LP TIM.

Many sellers on the eBay might have been duped to believe that the amulets they have bought to resell were genuine. And many sellers do not understand or know that there is the existence of fake amulets. (replicas) We do pardon them for their ignorance and hope that people will be careful when seeking for genuine LP TIM amulets on the Internet. Especially when exorbitant prices were asked for.




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