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Wat Lahan Rai

Wat Lahan Rai Temple was erected in honor of Luang Phor Tim, a widely regarded monk most famously known for his amulet collection. Ornate temple gates, gold statues of LP Tim, a Vihara building (monastery), stupa (dome-shaped shrine), sala (open meeting place), and ubosot (holiest prayer room) comprise the holy site.

Luang Pu Tim – Famous for his Phong Prai Kuman, the late Luang Pu Tim was born into a poor family and took a very keen interest in learning the Dharma since he was a little kid. He began learning the Dharma when he was 17 years of age but only formally ordained as a monk at Wat Lahanrai when he was 27 years old. During his life as a monk, he has travelled far and wide to learn many wicha from great masters and was also a very strict practitioner of the Dharma.

Many monks across Thailand would often seek him for advice and he was known to be a very humble monk even after being made chief abbot of Wat Lahanrai. He was a vegetarian who ate one meal a day and would only drink twice a day, once at 7am and once at 4pm daily. He passed away in Buddhist year 2518 at the age of 96 and is remembered till today as the top master in the Rayong district

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